These Are Some Top Reasons Why Women Stay Single

Published: 07th September 2011
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This is a list of the top reasons why a woman can stay single despite her actively searching for someone to be in a relationship with:

First on this list is that a lot of women have this "Mr. Right" complex, and that's one of the top reasons why they can't seem to retain a relationship. Let's agree that there is no such thing as perfect! Women are used to having beauty shop talks about what a man needs to be - his height, his weight, his annual income and things like that. They end up creating a fictional movie character rather than an actual man and then become engrossed in finding someone that's exactly like the one they imagined, down to the last bit of detail. Surely, you can imagine by now what that kind of thing results to. No further explanations needed.

This is also one of the top reasons a woman stays single. It is because of some of them being overly independent. Some of the women of the "new generation" are really becoming too competitive and in the process they alienate themselves from others by being overly independent. This is a typical career woman's life: They acquire a great job, college degree, and shiny new sedan by the sweat of their own brow. They will never look to a man to give you anything and you make that clear on every date that you go on. Here's the problem, a lot of men still want or prefer a semi-traditional woman. This doesn't mean that men want a doormat for a partner; a semi-traditional woman is a woman that is assertive when it's called for but not too insecure to encourage and welcome a man's leadership. They don't get offended when a man asks them to cook his dinner, yet they expect that he's going to return the favor sometime later in the week. If you're a woman and you reject a man's initial acts of chivalry on your fist date, you really can't blame him if he interprets it as a clear indication of your being overly feminist, girl-centric personality and he will certainly be disinterested in a blink of an eye.

One more reason is that some women make their new guy pay for the old one's mistakes. This can really be a great way to alienate guys who are certainly into you. Because you can't rid yourself of the scars of your past, you make the new one pay. By doing this, you are not only punishing the wrong person, you are also punishing yourself, depriving yourself of your potential to have a very good relationship with a new man. Being bitter is a state of mind. Sure, you have a valid reason to be upset. You were lied to, cheated on, neglected, abandoned or even abused. Your ex may have been a certified scoundrel and he did unspeakable things to you. But you know what? That new guy trying to build a good and probably lasting relationship with you is not his clone and certainly deserves a chance.

There are many more reasons but these are by far what can be considered some of the ones at the top of the list.

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